Circle d'Escrime
Sellersville, PA

Brian Murphy, the current owner of Circle d’Escrime, is proficient in all three weapons and has over twenty years of experience in fencing. He spent many years as a competition fencer, armorer, and instructor prior to inheriting the school from his Fencing Master, Thomas Harding. He currently teaches all three weapons and gives individual lessons to the school’s more advanced students and those who have proven that they are serious about becoming competitive fencers.


Other Instructors and Staff

Roberta Harding
Moniteur d’Armes, foil

Karen Ziegler
Moniteur d’Armes and Armorer, epee

Eric Green
Instructor, foil and epee

Mike Dulaney
Instructor, rapier

Paul McAndrew
Instructor, foil

Betsy Verheggen
Instructor, sabre