Circle d'Escrime
Sellersville, PA

For over 20 years, our Salle d’Armes has been located at 111 North Branch Street in the borough of Sellersville. The Salle has six Olympic length strips wired for electric scoring and over 2500 square feet of fencing space. We welcome you to observe our classes.


Fencing is one of only four sports to be included in every modern Olympic Games since the first in 1896 – however, the sport itself is much older than that. Fencing is a centuries-old sport that developed from ancient warfare and dueling. In fact, Circle d’Escrime was originally founded in the early 1600’s as a dueling school in Europe. Today, instead of dueling, we teach the modern art of sport-fencing.

At Circle d’Escrime, students can choose whether they want to train for competition or fence recreationally. Age is no barrier; our fencers range in age from pre-teen to senior citizen. Fencing is also one of the rare sports where men and women can compete on equal ground. Fencers rely on strategy and finesse rather than brute force, which is why the sport is often compared to chess. It promotes balance, coordination, integrity, and self-discipline. It is also an excellent cross-training sport.

School Resources

The facilities at Circle d’Escrime have over 2,500 square feet of available fencing space and a total of nine Olympic fencing strips. There are three practice strips on the lower level and six more on the main floor, four of which are wired for electric fencing. The school also has Men’s and Women’s locker rooms, complete with private shower stalls and a changing area, an armory for blade and body cord repair, a sitting area on the main floor, a downstairs lounge, and a work-out space with a treadmill and weight-lifting equipment, which students may use during regular school hours at no additional cost. Fencing equipment is provided by the school for beginner and intermediate lessons, and electric gear may be rented for $3.00 a night upon request. Advanced students are required to bring and use their own equipment.

Business Hours

The school is open Monday – Thursday from 7 pm until 10 pm, and on Saturday mornings for youth classes. Anyone interested in coming to see the school, observe a class, speak to an instructor, or obtain more information about the school or the sport is welcome to visit any night of the week that we are open. No appointment is necessary. Inquiries can also be made through the contact section of this website.